Introducing the All-New FLOURISH Event!
Gone are the days of the old FLOURISH Event. Following its closure in October 2023, Kacee Popstar stepped in and breathed new life into the concept. With passion and innovation, we've transformed every aspect! From branding to business model, event duration to booth rates – everything has been reimagined!

Embrace the renaissance of FLOURISH as we redefine the shopping experience in Second Life! Explore our offerings and be part of the movement that's reshaping virtual retail. Join us as we embark on this journey! Join the movement!


We’ve dedicated a special exhibit space in our sponsor concourse that walks you through a timeline of a brand’s evolution. A different brand every month! But that’s not all; we also give them their moment in the spotlight with their very own episode on FLOURISH Unveiled, a show where we shine the spotlight on the grid’s most thriving brands.

Mens Edition

Men are tired of searching through booths to find quality products. Well, the search ends here! It’s your time to shine in FLOURISH Mens Edition, our exclusive two-story mens section, right in the center of the Event Concourse. Come join us at Flourish Event and elevate your brand to new heights.

Sponsor Booths

With FLOURISH, if you want to collab on a release, we won’t make you go through tons of red tape because we understand collaborating a creation is tough enough. You have to work just as hard and split your profit and we understand that! That’s why not only have we eliminated the dreaded “collaboration fee” you see at most events, every month we offer 4 dedicated and DISCOUNTED Collab Sponsor booths, encouraging brands to participate in collaborations with reduced financial risk. Collab away, we got you!”


Food and Beverage creators, we heard your voices and we listened! Your customers can now enjoy your delectable offerings each month at FLOURISH Cafe! We are thrilled to feature 4 food and beverage brand booths, right at landing point! First seen and first devoured! Bon Appetit!


We are excited to announce that we will be utilizing EasyBloggers as our main blogging platform, revolutionizing the blogging game! Easyblogger’s beautiful new interface is unlike any product on the grid! Expect a seamless experience as we prioritize and assign bloggers, guaranteeing your brand and releases get the spotlight they deserve.


Brands are welcome to grab a clearance booth for FREE and place an older item on clearance. The catch? It must be at least 50% off, and it must be a Fatpack. This provides affordability and value for the customer while allowing the brand to enjoy 100% profit sales in the FLOURISH.


At FLOURISH, we value and appreciate the commitment of our participating brands so we have created a rewards program for brands with continuous participation. That’s right, you get rewarded just for being here! Late fee waivers, premium booth selections, permanent booths, and social media features are just a few examples of the perks you get just for participating! We appreciate you, and we aim to show it!

Concourse Kiosks

At FLOURISH, we provide 6 low-cost Concourse Kiosks for new, smaller, and or emerging brands, reminiscent of the kiosks you see at your local shopping mall. They offer high visibility at a low cost, giving you a real-world shopping experience. A win-win for both brands and shoppers!


When customers are on the hunt for something specific or in a hurry, our convenient Brand Wall comes to the rescue. It’s our one-stop teleportation station directly to your brand’s booth, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free shopping experience. Yes, you heard it right – promote and link directly to your booth for maximum visibility!



FLOURISH with us!