Kacee Popstar.

Kacee Popstar is a multi-faceted creative who began her career in design and has expanded her talents into many areas beyond. With a passion for brand creativity and ideas, as well as design and production, Kacee has headed up projects for a myriad of entertainment industry clients both in fashion and music.

Kacee is an exceptional strategist and a gifted communicator who infuses fresh ideas and sound strategy into just about everything she does. She puts these talents to work, helping clients identify market opportunities and realize them with smart strategy and impactful marketing solutions.

Kacee acquired FLOURISH in 2023 in efforts of growing the event and continuing on current success!


Lillian Onyx.

Sixteen years ago, I started SecondLife; during those years, I learned so much and have utilized that to create a barrier-free life that allowed me to explore my creativity. Of course, like everyone, I started to host and DJ to meet people and learn what was out there (mind you, I started when we had a teen grid). This time, I discovered my love of photography. At first, I had no idea where it would lead me.

I am the proud owner of HexPosed, a witchy, dark, with a touch of elegance pose store. HexPosed is a TRUE labor of love. Only a few know this, but HexPosed started as a clothing store. It was a fun experience, but somebody asked me what I truly enjoyed doing. Of course, I still loved photography, and that is when I decided I needed to change to something I truly loved—a pose-maker.

That journey has been fun and has created opportunities as a designer that I never knew were possible in SL. That experience led me to my amazing friend and business partner, Kacee, and we decided we could not sit still! As our business relationship grew, we decided to explore another passion I never knew I had: Spellbound Manor. We created an elegant and magical community; building it was so much fun. We decided, “Hey, let’s create a decorating business.” So we did Spellbound Space | Events.

I only knew how far things could go in SecondLife once I explored being a designer, interior decorator, landscaper, photographer, and creator. Due to my journey, I wanted to be a part of something that allowed other designers the opportunity to Flourish. That is when I was asked to become the Director of the Flourish event. I am so excited to be a part of this event! What I am genuinely happy about is seeing how people will Flourish in this event and be able to help brands get the opportunities and recognition they deserve.


Fang Palazzo.

In the dynamic world of Second Life, where the rhythm of change reverberates through the virtual landscape, Fang Palazzo, better known as DJ Fang, has seamlessly navigated the evolving tides. Transitioning from the electrifying beats of the DJ booth to the sophisticated world of high-quality menswear, Fang’s journey is a testament to his versatility and relentless dedication.

Originally drawn to Second Life to forge connections and nurture new friendships, Fang discovered his true passion amidst the digital tapestry – behind the turntables. “Understanding the fundamentals is crucial, but I realized my calling was to move crowds,” reflects DJ Fang.

His musical journey saw him ascend to the top, securing coveted spots at the hottest clubs and events in SL. Yet, Fang’s evolution doesn’t stop at the DJ booth. Embracing a new chapter, he ventures into the realm of high-quality menswear, curating an exclusive Mens Edition at FLOURISH as the Brand Liaison.

Beyond the beats, Fang’s energetic presence and eclectic mixing style have earned him the title of the people’s DJ. Notably, he is one of the rare DJs who eschews pre-planned sets, crafting live mixes that propel bodies into motion, seamlessly blending brand new music with an improvisational flair.

Now, as the maestro behind not only the DJ booth but also the curator of menswear trends, Fang Palazzo invites you to experience a fusion of style and sound. Join him on this journey where beats and fashion converge, and where every set is not just a mix but a symphony of creativity.


Symone Rae.

Haiii, I am Symone’ Rae!

I am a woman of many different hats when it comes to this platform, but most of them include brands, management, and fashion. I have been a blogger for going on 5 years here on secondlife. I am very versatile and pride myself on the vast aesthetics I feel like I can cultivate with my own personal style and flair. Along with Flourish, I manage Jabali Landscaping & Design, as well as Sneaky Link Entertainment.

Back in 2020 I opened the doors to my sorority, Nu Upsilon Omega, deeeeeeevineeeeee! Outside of everything else I may do to pass time here on this grid, I am a mother, daughter, aunt, sister and a friend to those I love the most.


BrookLynn Bae.

Second Life is my outlet for creative expression. I have been a dedicated blogger of fashion and decor since 2012. After returning to the grid from a 5-year hiatus, I re-invented my blogger under the name “Lyric’s Closet.” I have also ventured into editorial content as a model.

My talent for creating beautiful scenes for my photography revealed my hidden passion for interior design and landscaping. Though mostly for hobby, I have been commissioned for design projects. I am quite optimistic to apply this experience into administrating a vibrant, eclectic blogger team for Flourish Event.


Cakhez Black.

Hi, My name is Cakhez Blvck. I am a southern belle that hails from New Orleans. I enjoy the fun things in life like traveling, SHOPPING, and meeting new people. I have a unique sense is humor that can light up the whole room. All of this may be fine and dandy but ultimately we are meant to be who we are. The differences make us unique.


FLOURISH with us!