Quarterly Designer Application

🌟 FLOURISH Quarterly Program 🌟

Join the FLOURISH Quarterly Program and enjoy a hassle-free experience with exclusive benefits tailored for loyal designers like you!


  • Streamlined Participation: Pay upfront for three months and enjoy automatic participation for the entire quarter. No Apps to fill out!
  • Booth Location Stability: Secure your booth location for three months, eliminating the rush during booth selection.
  • Time for Creativity: Spend less time on paperwork and deadlines, and more time on creating amazing products.
  • Payment Convenience: Avoid payment deadlines and reminders, making your participation stress-free.
  • Simplified Setup: Just show up and set up and submit your ad by the deadline each month without any hassle.

Program Details:

  • Quarterly Sponsors: L$15,000
  • Quarterly Designers: L$7,500

Join the FLOURISH Quarterly Program today and experience a smoother, more rewarding journey with us!

Enrollment Process:

  1. Teleport: Visit the Payment Room and pay the Quarterly Designer vendor. (Only pay the Quarterly Sponsor vendor if you were previously approved)
  2. HUD: Add the provided HUD after payment.
  3. Form: Click the link on the HUD to access the enrollment form.
  4. Submit: Fill out the form one last time and submit your details.

That’s it! You’re all set to enjoy the benefits of the FLOURISH Quarterly Program.